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ბათუმის ნავიგაციის სასწავლო უნივერსიტეტში 2019 წლის 17 აპრილს ჩატარებული სტუდენტური თვითმმართველობის არჩევნების შედეგები

საზღვაო-საინჟინრო ფაკულტეტი:

  1. ლევან იასამნიძე;
  2. ენრიკე ინწკირველი;
  3. ლუკა მგალობლიშვილი;
  4. სარუხან მნაცაკანიანი;
  5. ირაკლი ჭითანავა;
  6. ლუკა კუკულაძე.

ლოგისტიკის ფაკულტეტი:

  1. მერაბ ზოიძე;
  2. დავით გოზალიშვილი;
  3. რუსუდან შანთაძე.

პროფესიული განათლების დეპარტამენტი:

  1. გიორგი მენაბდიშვილი;
  2. ბეგლარ შაინიძე;
  3. ედიშერ ნაკაიძე.


"Main aspects of the Practitioner for the First Step of the Seafarer" - delivered a public lecture at Batumi Navigation Teaching University. Captain Nugzar Bolkvadze introduced all the important issues to the students of the higher educational institutions, in which future seafarers should pay attention to the departure of the sailors. What training should students pass on to the ship and what theoretical and practical knowledge should they be able to work in a safe environment? Security


BNTU staff attended the Women's Economic Strengthening Forum. The aim of the event is to strengthen women in business companies operating in Georgia. "Strengthen Your Business With Strengthening Women" - this is the main message of the event. How should women's rights be protected and violence against women should be eliminated? Women's education and strengthening of specific skills, breaking of stereotypes and promoting self-realization - were discussed within the framework of the issue


The General Meeting of the Georgian Maritime Captains Association was held at Batumi Navigation Teaching University. At the meeting two issues considered by the agenda were discussed. Deep sea captain Parmen Khvedelidze presented the Concept of Marine Education in Georgia. Rector of the Batumi Navigation Teaching University discussed the main points of the document and discussed the necessity of development of marine education. The Concept of Marine Education Development has been transferred


EU experts visited Batumi Navigation Teaching University.Khalid Bishu and Captain Bertran Aperi were hosted by BNTU Chancellor. Lali Khvedelidze introduced the university infrastructure to the partners. The sides talked about future cooperation. Invited experts will assist Georgia in the framework of the EU-funded project to implement Implementation of Directives and Development of Marine Strategy in accordance with the Association Agreement. The duration of the project is 12 months. Its


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