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On the basis of the Decree No. 16 of the Government of January 18, 2019 - "Measures to be Held for Prevention of Massive Distribution of Measles" (in statements) is obligatory to identify and disclose incomprehensible or abusive persons in the preschool and general, professional and higher education institutions and provide information Found for health care centers. Please, submit a certificate confirming the status of the vaccine issued by the medical institution (your district's polyclinic), including 01 March, which is free of charge. This document can be submitted in the BNTU Chancellery. Please note that the notification is obligatory for all students, otherwise the spring semester will not be able to access the education system of electronic management, so you can not register on the course, and if you do not submit a certificate confirming the vaccine before March 04, BNTU will discuss the status of student status On the basis of the Decree No. 16 of January 18, 2019 of the Government of Georgia.

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