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Batumi Navigation Teaching University joined the world of Down syndrome. The date of the United Nations will be celebrated on March 21, 2011. On this day, various events are held in many countries of the world, including Georgia, in order to increase awareness about Down syndrome. Down syndrome is the most common chromosomal genetic change in which instead of 46 chromosomes, one chromosome is found in the 21st pair.



The Batumi Navigational Curriculum has introduced the "TimeBank" project. The Head of the Institute of "Intellect" held a presentation on the topic of the study. The students were acquainted with the concept of the Time Bank, its importance to the public and the work of the site.The project, in addition to individuals, encourages various companies, universities and non-profit organizations to increase their social responsibility in real time."TimeBank", the project "Civil Society Development


The management-review of the Quality Management System of the Higher Education Institution 2018 was presented.The issues of university quality policy were discussed.The assessment was the level of compliance with quality national and international standards.



For the attention of students of Batumi Navigation Teaching University! Starting from March 22, 2013, the registration of candidates for student self-government membership begins.Registration will be held on April 3, 2019, except for weekends and weekdays from 16th to 10.00 pm to 17.00.


Effective Interactive Communication, Management of Basic Processes and Decision Making "- Training for Heads of Administration and Structural Units Will be held on March 22-23.
Course participants will gain knowledge on the principles of effective functioning of communication, and the skills available in the training seminar will help to use the strategic directions of the organization.
The training is organized by the Batumi Navigation Training University's Quality


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