The mission of Batumi Navigation Teaching University was developed taking into consideration of reforms effective in the field of education of Georgia and necessity of integration of Georgia into the unified European educational system, modern tendencies of world economic advancement, internationalization and rapid development of business processes in Georgia, increasing competition and existing perspectives in local and international labor and education markets: establishment of modern education environment in teaching university, promotion of lifelong learning, meeting of needs regarding acquisition of higher education, professional development and requalification corresponding to the interests and possibilities of a person, conduction of study process and continuous improvement in accordance with reforms effective in the field of education, development and implementation of modern academic, higher (I and II stage) and professional development programs considering effective law on education and labor market demands, promotion of scientific and professional development of professors and teachers, training of young, competitive specialists for Georgian and international education and labor market, with personal, civil and social responsibility, motivated to fulfill their professional obligations, to observe ethical norms, to share universal human values, to continuously improve their competencies and qualification and professional development, as well as with possibilities to fully realize their competencies, knowledge and skills in practical and public activities and to progress in career development as a result of successful public and professional activities."


Based on the mission of the teaching university there are set the following goals:

• Promotion of continuous education principles and lifelong learning;

• Meeting of needs regarding acquisition of higher education, professional development and requalification corresponding to the interests and possibilities of a person;

• Focusing on ideals of democracy and humanism that are necessary for existence and development of civil society;

• Academic freedom of learning, teaching and scientific studies;

• Cooperation with higher education and research institutions of Georgia and foreign countries;

• Cooperation with relevant higher education institutions of Georgia and foreign countries for the purpose of supporting of exchange programs for students and teachers and mobility of students and academic staff of higher education institutions;

• Provision of set of measurements, relating to the training of competitive specialists in maritime transport, logistics and other fields in accordance with the Laws of Georgia On Higher Education, On Vocational Education, On Training and Certification of Mariners, International Convention ,,On standards for training, certification and watchstanding” (STCW-95), effective legislation of Georgia and other international standards;

• Offering of modern academic higher (I and II stage) and vocational educational programs corresponding to the requirements and priorities of Georgian and international labor markets and public in general and provision of receipt of top-quality education;

• Supporting of motivation of students/vocational students regarding realization of personal potential, development of creativity, self-expression, initiatives and lifelong learning;

• Training for local and international education and labor market of new generation of competitive specialists with modern knowledge and competencies conforming to current requirements necessary for successful public and professional activity.


• Provision of education quality conformance in accordance with the Law of Georgia in the field of education and requirements of ISO 9001:2008 International Standard;

• Development and implementation of top-quality education programs focused on the demands of public, education and labor markets, continuous care for their updating and involvement of field specialists, scientists, potential employers, BNTU graduates and other stakeholders in this process;

• Provision of education programs with corresponding state-of-the-art material and technical resources and information and communication technologies, conduction of full-scale study process and creation of conditions in conformity with current requirements;

• Attraction of high-qualified personnel and their involvement in education and research processes;

• Development and improvement of systems of education programs and study process monitoring, study and teaching quality management;

• Involvement of students/vocational students, academic staff, teachers/invited specialists in monitoring process for the purpose of provision of education quality and assessment of education program implementation, and continuous care for enhancement of training quality;

• Improvement of structure and structural units of the Teaching University and optimization of managerial decisions;

• Improvement of corresponding working conditions and material inducement system for employees;

• Involvement of academic staff and students/vocational students in BNTU management process;

• Creation of adapted environment and relevant study conditions for students with special education needs;

• Promotion of students/vocational students, supporting to satisfaction of their interests, development of skills, creative and educational activities, their active involvement in education and scientific processes, conduction of conferences, trainings, seminars etc.;

• Preparation, translation and publication of manuals, research papers and guidance papers for the purpose of availability of modern trends and innovations in scientific field and practice   ;

• Establishment of close relationships with separate companies, firms and organizations, field specialists and scientists for the students/ vocational students, to develop professional skills and get experience;

• Communication with graduates and their involvement in university activity etc.;

• Carrying on activity in accordance with the requirements of Georgian legislation, STCW-95 and other International Conventions. Development of quality parameters for training of marine specialists and provision of training/retraining services with simulators;

• Supporting partners and service customers in introduction of high standards of management for the purpose of training and certification of maritime transport specialists;

• Maintenance and development of business relationships with leading marine educational institutions and worldwide navigation and crewing companies

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