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International Maritime Training Centre Mercury was established in June, 2002 in Batumi Maritime Collage.

Today, Maritime Training Center is one of the organizational unit of Batumi Navigation Teaching University and provides training, retraining and certification of marine specialists in accordance with requirements of STCW 78 International Convention, and requirements of other international conventions, national standards and Maritime Transport Agency. Training and evaluation methods are formed and implemented at simulators and computerized training technologies of extensive application, taking into consideration of requirements of International Conventions, national and shipping companies. The Center is established, designed and equipped under supervision of worldwide famous manufacturer and service-company Transas Marine.

Centre is equipped with the following simulators:

• NAVI-TRAINER Pro 3000 (full-scale mission simulator)

• NAVI-TRAINER Pro 5000 (small bridge)

• RADAR/ARPA Module Simulator

• Engine Room Simulator 5000

• GMDSS TGS 5000 Simulator

• Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator ( LCHS 4000/5000)

Retraining and certification of seamen is carried out in accordance with “mandatory” programs, as required by STCW 78 91Convention, as amended, such as GMDSS, RADAR/ARPA and other “non-mandatory” programs (ISM Code, Risk Assessment and Incident Investigation etc.) for ship's crew, crewing companies and on shore established units. As well as special courses, aiming training/retraining of personnel for specific types of ships, equipment, or any other course, which will be requested by shipping, crewing companies or other organizations. Quality and effectiveness of courses is provided by experienced and qualified instructors and teachers, having sufficient naval experience as captains, ship's engineers and GMDSS operators. On the basis of IMO model-courses, center instructors developed training courses and approved by Georgian Maritime Transport Agency. Academic training courses are conducted in class-rooms equipped with computers and projectors. NAVI-TRAINER Pro 3000, manufactured by Transas Marine (UK) is a computer-based technical provision simulated complex connected to local network. General technical interface allows NAVI-TRAINER Pro 3000 to be integrated into other simulator systems in such way that will be most convenient for the following users: GMDSS, Ship Power Plant, RADAR/ARPA and VTS simulators. Navigation simulators training tasks and evaluation competency is carried out by the following ways: route planning, layout and evaluation with higher accuracy, determination of correction by navigation auxiliary means, safe watch keeping, 90application of radar ARPA, ship steering and maneuvering, search and rescue operations, operation by remote control SSP systems. Courses - “Team and personal control of navigation bridge” and “Ship maneuvering”, provided by the Center completely covers bridge control and watch keeping procedures in special and dangerous situations, as well as VTS, all fast operations, GMDSS procedures etc. Training course “Management of machinery compartment personnel” covers watch keeping procedures of machinery compartment personnel and management of machinery resources that is associated with modern SPP of continuously increasing complexity and trend of reduction of numbers of crew members, and special attention is paid to the means of monitoring, control systems and SPP computerization. Cargo and ballast operation handling simulator (LCHS 2000) is designed for training/retraining of tanker vessel personnel and acquisition of practical skills in accordance with STCW 78/95 requirements and MARPOL 73 and other international regulations and conventions. Training course - "Cargo and ballast operation handling" is intended for study of tanker systems within standard IMO courses, such as IMO 2.06 - "Cargo and ballast operation handling simulator" and IMO 1.01, 1.02, 1.04, offered by training center. As for GMDSS, for operator training and training course, there is used GMDSS simulator TGS 4100, installed in the center. At present, all programs, effective in training center are in revision/updating process by instructors according to requirements of new STCW, amendments of Manila 2010. Quality Management System of the Center is recognized by Russian certification register in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.


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