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On January 25, 2021, the academic staff of Batumi Navigation Teaching University attended the online webinar "Opportunities to Increase the Productivity of Scientific ResearchActivities for Researchers".

The aim of the webinar was to share information and practical advice for academics, and for young researchers to raise their awareness in national and international scientific circles.

The types of researcher's scientific profile and their creation, also bibliographic managers were


Please be informed that the Annual General Assembly of the International Maritime Universities Association (IAMU) will be held on October 26-28, 2021, in Alexandria, Egypt.

An event for academic staff and students will be held as part of the Assembly.

The working theme for the academic staff is: Innovation and Sustainability of Maritime Industry in the Scope of Blue Economy and Green Concept“. The deadline for abstract submission is February 15, 2021.

The working theme for the


2020-2021 აკადემიური წლის გაზაფხულის სემესტრის შიდა მობილობის ეტაპები და ვადები


On January 13-14, 2021, the academic staff of the Batumi Navigation Teaching University attended the two-day webinar "MET during the COVID-19".

During the webinar, the speakers talked about the following topics:

  • Online/distance teaching and assessments;
  • Delivery methods of practical aspects (simulator, face-to-face training) at university;
  • Challenges in on-board training programme;
  • New normal in MET;

This webinar was jointly organized by the Academic Affairs Committee and the


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