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BNTU's Latest News!


New literature has been added to The library of Batumi Navigation Teaching University:In Georgian and foreign languages. Acquired literature is diverse and includes various fields: business literature, Georgian fiction, new translations of bestsellers. Books are available for students and academic personnel.


For BNTU students 


BNTU was filled with a new library fund. Please come and get acquainted with the news.


For BNTU students 


BNTU's Withersby's Seamanship Library has been added the following editions. Please take into consideration and enjoy the updates you want. See the attached file 


For BNTU students 


BNTU was filled with a new library fund. Please come and get acquainted with the news




Vocational educational programmes:

  • Vocational programme of Private sailor of a deck (III level);
  • Vocational programme of Private sailor of a engine room (III level);
  • Vocational programme of   Ship electrician’s (III level);

In accordance with the Law of Georgia and statutory documents of the International Maritime Organization (International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978/95, as amended in 2010), relevant state of health (Form #100) is required to establish fitness for service in ship personnel of sea fleet ships.

Head of Vocational Education Department : Lali Khvedelidze

mob: (+995) 577 42 24 24

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Quality Asurance  Coordinator of Vocational Education Department : Mzevinar Dzirkvadze

 mob: (+995) 593 35 93 08

 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ხარისხის უზრუნველყოფის სამსახურის სტრატეგიული პრიორიტეტები

ხარისხის უზრუნველყოფის სამსახურის მიზნები, ამოცანები და ფუნქციები

განათლების ხარისხის უზრუნველყოფისა და განვითარების მექანიზმები. PDCA. SWOT-ანალიზი

Educational programme planning, elaboration and development methods

პროფესიული საგანმანათლებლო პროგრამის შემუშავებისა და დამტკიცების წესი

Curriculum (ნიმუში)

სილაბუსის შედგენის ინსტრუქცია


veb_Syllabus (პრაქტიკა, ბაკალავრიატი)

veb_Syllabus (Bachelor’s thesis)

veb_Syllabus (პრაქტიკა, მაგისტრატურა)

veb_Syllabus (Master’s Thesis)

კურიკულუმის შემოწმება

სილაბუსის შემოწმება

Importance of graduates' competences

Assessment of satisfaction deal with the level of Alumni preparation

Monitoring of educational process

The academic / invited staff survey

Academic staff survey

BNTU from the eyes of staff

Study of competencies and hindering factors that encourage employment (№1)

Study of Alumni satisfactioт (№2)

Study of Alumni satisfaction (№ 3)

Assessment through study process

Evaluation of Lecturer 

Study of student’s satisfaction with learning process

Study of Student’s satisfactionwith quality of education

Questionnaire "BNTU Master"

MA-Express Questionnaire

Questionnaire «BNTU- by the eyes of students”

Information Assurance Study of the students and Masters activities

Results of monitoring of student performance 2017–18

Results of student survey and their analysis 2017-18

Research projects 2017-18

Staff satisfaction survey 2017-18

Results of staff survey and their analysis 2017-18


Alumni satisfaction analysis, employment rate, academic development

Information on research activity of BNTU academic and research staff

Batumi Navigation Teaching University Development Strategic Plan 2013-2018

Analysis of requirements of labor market and employers 2013-18

Internal Audit Plan -2016

Internal Audit Plan-2017

Internal Audit Plan-2018

Report on Quality Management System analysis -2016

Report on Quality Management System Analysis of 2017

SWOT analysis  2016-2017

Report on Quality System Anaysis 2013

Report on Quality System Analysis 2015

Batumi Navigation Teaching University ltd 2016

Alumni Satisfaction Analysis, Employment Figures, Academic Growth

Employment Figures Higher Educational Programmes (2013-2018)

Summarized Analysis of Quality Assurance Service of Education of 2013-2018 in Batumi Navigation Teaching University

Examination of employer’s opinions Summary analysis (2013-2018)

Report of Quality Assurance Service-2016-2017

Survey of employers (summarizing report_2013-2017)

Survey of alumni (summarizing report_2013-2017)

Summarizing reportand recommendations-2016-2017

Statistical data

Survey of employers

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