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The Association Agreement and the Black Sea Cooperation - are attended by students and professors of Batumi Navigation Teaching University. Several issues are discussed during the meeting, including the European Union and the Black Sea Region: Formats, Challenges and Opportunities for Cooperation. Reports are made by public, civil and academic sector representatives. In the second half of the day, the Black Sea economic and energy opportunities and challenges are discussed. The conference is


“Maritime Transport Problems" - International Conference was attended by the Rector of Batumi Navigation Teaching University, Professor Parmen Khvedelidze and Chancellor Lali Khvedelidze. The topical issues of the field were discussed, the problems arising in the conditions of globalization and the ways of their solution. The event was held on May 2-3 and was dedicated to Azerbaijan national leader Heydar Aliyev's anniversary. Participants of the maritime education and industry were


Based on the agreement signed by the BNTU with the Rustaveli Scientific Foundation, the Batumi Navigation Teaching University opened access to the following bases of Elisevier: Scopus, Science Direct, SciVal Funding (Funding Institutional). Access is made from institutional IP addresses.


Students of Batumi Navigation Teaching University got acquainted with the construction of Anaklia Port. The introductory visit was held on May 3. Young people viewed the process of constructing a deep-water port, received information on the already completed and planned works. Anaklia port technical team hosted students of higher education institution. They discussed in detail  the 9th stages of the development of the port, the estimated terms and conditions. As well as on the number of


A British ship entered the Black Sea waters. It is within the framework of supporting the principles of free navigation in the international waters. British ship "HMS ECHO" visited Batumi Navigation Teaching University and Makhinjauri Marine Lyceum students.



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