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For the attention of students of Batumi Navigation Teaching University! According to the Decree N5 / 1 of the BNTU Academic Council, February 28, 2019, the educational process of the 2018-19 academic year will start on March 11 instead of March 4. Wish you a successful semester!


Employees of the Batumi Navigation Teaching University participated in the training of internal audits of management system. "Quality internal audit ISO9001: 2015; ISO19011: 2011 "- The seminar was conducted under this title for 3 days.The training included reviewing the above-mentioned standards, studying basic rules of auditing, practical tasks and exercises, summary session and final examination. Representatives of Maritime Universities, Cruising and Traveling companies were invited to



"What are the advantages of Georgia's integration into NATO and the European Union?" - discussed at the meeting held at Batumi Navigation Teaching University.

The future sailors have received all the advantages that the country will have to join the Euro Atlantic structures. Head of Information Center on EU also talked about the challenges that exist in this process. One of the main is anti-western propaganda.

BNTU students asked questions to Irma Gabinashvili.

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How to avoid trafficking and what should be considered for safe migration? - The meeting was held in Batumi Navigation Teaching University today. The lecture was read by a representative of the International Organization for Migration. The future sailors have received information and raised awareness of what threats and risks can travel abroad and work. Visa-free travel, finding shelter abroad and labor migration - The students took theoretical knowledge in this direction and implemented


Master's program of transport logistics for Batumi Navigation Teaching University is accredited. This means that the educational institution has been granted the right to receive students in the next seven years. The decision was made by the Accreditation Council of Educational Programs on January 16 of current year. BNTU Transportation Logistics Master Program was founded in 2008. Up to 20 students are currently in the second stage of teaching. The aim of the program is to prepare qualified


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