Batumi Navigation Teaching University Ltd. (BNTU) is located in Georgian port city Batumi (Address: #38 Queen Tamar Ave. Batumi, Makhinjauri) at central highway, location of which is convenient for transportation of students.

BNTU teaching blocks are in private ownership. University is arranged in three blocks. I block is a three-storyed permanent structure with 2841 m2 total area, 2328,8 m2 total usable floor area, which completely meets the sanitary inspection and fire safety regulations. II block is a four-storyed permanent structure with 1029,5 m2 total area and includes auditoriums, dining hall, hall of residence (for 64 students), showers, laundry room. III block is three-storyed with 787 m2 area and includes BNTU International Maritime Training Center with state-of-the-art simulators and training pool.
University has courtyard with its sports ground and recreational park.

Batumi Navigation Teaching Universityand its material (including those, used for training purposes) resourses comply with International Standards – BNTU is 6-time holder of certificate of Quality Management International Standard, including, in 2017 - for compliance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements, International IQNet and field audit/confirmation certificates. Infrastructure and equipment used for teaching purposes:

  • Library: Library book (printed and on e-media) collection - 16 081 units, library video-, audio- collections and visual materials, Usage of International Witherbys Library;
  • Laboratories: chemistry; physics; sea pollution prevention training laboratory; electric-navigation;; Ship handling and maneuvering laboratory.
  • Ship handling and maneuvering laboratory;
  • Simulators: collective rescue equipment simulator; Land-based Fire-Fighting Training Facility; Coastal Fire-Fighting Training Facility;
  • Simulator center Navi-Trainer RADAR/ARPA/ECDIS, which includes the following equipment: Bridge Team Simulator; Radar navigation, Radar plotting, use of ARPA  Simulator; Engine Room Simulator; GMDSS Simulator; Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator ; Tanker Simulator; Electronic Chart Display and Informational Systems Simulator;
  • Simulators: Engine Room Simulator ERS 2000/3000, Engine Room Simulator 5000; Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator (LCHS 4000/5000); Navi–Trainer RADAR/ARPA/ECDIS/Ship Handling Simulator Pro 3000, Navi –Trainer RADAR/ARPA/ECDIS/Ship Handling Simulator Pro 4000; Navi -Trainer Pro 5000/ ECDIS Navi Sailor 4000; RADAR/ARPA Module Simulator; Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator (LCHS 4000/5000); Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS) Simulator TGS 5000; Use of electronic chart display and informational Systems; Lifeboat Simulator;
  • Rooms: Engine Team and Resource Management; Elementary First Aid; Oil and Chemical Tanker; Fire prevention and Fire Fighting; Personal Safety and social responsibilities; Personal Survival Techniques; Tanker familiarization; ISPS Code; Dangerous and hazardous goods shipping course room; Ship Handling Simulator and Bridge Team and Resource Management; ECDIS; Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS); RADAR Navigation, Radar Plotting, use of ARPA;
  • Training ship Elite, etc.

Blocks include the following:

•    45 auditoriums;
•   Conference hall;awigni3
•    Library;
•    Simulator hall;
•    Navigation bridge simulator room;
•    Engine room;
•    Computer classroom;
•    Medical aid station;
•   Registration, monitoring and assessment room;
•    Arfa-radio room 20;
•   Hall for ship’s devices;
•    Gowning room;

•    Teachers' lounge;
•   Dean’s office;
•    Sub-departments;
•    Quality management service office;C51U0800
•    Navigation room;
•    Security cabinet;
•    Language lab;
•    Science classroom;
•    Chemistry classroom;
•    Gym hall;
•    Dining hall;
•    8 toilet rooms;
•    Clerical office;
•   Rooms for heads of departments.

Batumi Navigation Teaching University is fully computerized higher education institution, equipped with state-of-art technologies. It meets all the conditions in the field of higher education in accordance with both, national and international standards.

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