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Batumi Navigation Teaching University Ltd. (BNTU) is a Limited Liability Entrepreneurial Legal Entity established in accordance with the Law of Georgia On Entrepreneurs. It’s legal form   - Legal Entity of Private Law. Its status of the Higher Education Institution is assigned in accordance with the rules established in accordance with the Law of Georgia and acts as autonomous higher education institution on the basis of the Constitution of Georgia, Law of Georgia and its Articles of Association.

  • Complete name:  Batumi Navigation Teaching University Ltd.
  • Trade name:   Batumi Navigation Teaching University
  • Abbreviation:  BNTU
  • Legal address:   №38 Queen Tamar Ave., Batumi, Georgia
  • Logo:   logo bnsu18


History and nowadays

Our history

In 1999, “Batumi Maritime College – Seaman School” was established at the premises of which in 2002 International Maritime Training Center “Mercury” started its activities, aim of which is training/retraining and certification of mariners. In 2007, - At the premises of Batumi Maritime College – Seaman School, Batumi Navigation Institute - International Maritime Training Center was established, subsequently (in 2008) it was named as Batumi Navigation Teaching University (BNTU) and in 2013, it was authorized (right of educational activity) on the basis of resolution of Authorization Council (№04, 15.02.2013).


Educational activity.  Since 2013 up to date, BNTU successfully implements vocational and academic higher (Bachelor’s programme, Master’s programme) educational programmes. In accordance with the decision of Accreditation Council, the following programmes are considered accredited and implemented in BNTU at present: Bachelor’s educational programmes - «Ship Mechanics“ (№191, 10.12.2013), «Marine Navigation“ (№190, 10.12.2013), «Organization and management of international transportation“ (№192, 10.12.2013), joint (Georgia-Ukraine) programme “Ship’s main machinery” (№08, 24.07.2015); Master’s educational programme – “Transport Logistics” (№193, 10.12.2013). Moreover, BNTU implements training/retraining programmes (courses) of mariners.

Compliance with Quality Management International Standard (ISO). International Quality Certificate is a guarantor of reliability, provision and continuous improvement of service quality in BNTU, staff expertise and competiveness at international level. Compliance certificates obtained by Batumi Navigation Teaching University:

Confirmation of compliance of BNTU as maritime educational institution, acquired in Georgia (BNTU passes audit of Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia). Recognition of BNTU as maritime educational institution


Certificate of recognition of maritime training institution issued by LEPL Maritime Transport Agency of the Ministry of Economic and Sustainable Development of Georgia; Annual audit results of LEPL Maritime Transport Agency of the Ministry of Economic and Sustainable Development of Georgia : intermediate, final audit (2014); intermediate, final audit (2015); intermediate, final audit (2016); final audit (2017).

Integration into international field, educational and research space

Batumi Navigation Teaching University - the Founder of Scientific Magazine. Since 2016, BNTU is a co-founder of international peer-reviewed scientific publication “Innovative Economics and Management”.

Membership of international organizations

Visits made in BNTU

  • Malta Maritime Authority Lino C. Vassallo Executive Director Merchant Shipping,
  • Ministry of Communications and Works Department of Merchant Shipping, Costas Costaras Senior Marine Surveyor Head of Seafarers Division (Cyprus, Greece)
  • Milbright Inc Shipping Company, General Director Murad Huade - „Milbright Inc Shipping Company“ (Moscow, Russia) (2014);
  • Academic Society of Michal Baludansky, Michal Varchola, President of Society (Kosice, Slovakia) (2015);
  • „Baltic Group International” (Riga, Latvia), BGI Operations Manager Vladimir Yakovlev;
  • Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding (Kiev, Ukraine), Vice-Rector Ph. D., Professor Eugeniy Trushliakov (2015);
  • Piri Reis Maritime University (Istanbul, Turkey) delegation, O. Erdogan, the Rector, and university lecturers and students (2015);
  • Zahid Sharifov, Prorectr of Baku State Maritime Academy (Memorandum of Cooperation was executed with the academy, 2015);
  • Gaurang Rami, professor,  Professor, Department of Economics, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University (public lecture in BNTU, 2015);
  • Ihsan Gumrucu, Deputy Regional Manager of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication of Turkey (2015);
  • Delegation of Maritime Administration of Turkey: Jem Erdem, Head of Department of Certification of Mariners, Ihsan Gumrucu, Captain of Trabzon Port, and Tolga Sanal, nautical expert (purpose of a visit - Evaluation of standards of education and certification of mariners effective in Georgia, and execution of memorandum of understanding between Georgia and Turkey on bilateral recognition of certificates confirming competency of mariners, 2015);
  • Representatives of marine industry and higher educational institutions of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Slovakia: G. Kuzmenko, Professor, National Technological University of Central Ukraine, S. Rizhkov, Rector, Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding (Ukraine, Nikolayev), S. Shkarlet, Rector, Chernigov National Technological University, Zahid Sharifov, Prorectr of Baku State Maritime Academy (2015);
  • NT Management S.A. (Cyprus, Greece), Operator Tamaz Katamadze - „NT Management S.A.“ (2016);
  • . Rizhkov, Professor, the Rector of Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding (Ukraine, Nikolayev), Doctor Honoris Causa of Batumi Navigation Teaching University (2016);
  • Janis Sticenko, President of Association of Colleges of Latvia, the Director of Riga Marine College and his deputy, Livia Jankovska (2016);
  • Kitack Lim Secretary-General of International Maritime Organization (within International Maritime Forum), Tamar Beruchashvili, Georgia Ambassador to United Kingdom (2016);
  • Ministry of Roads & Transportation Ports & Shipping Organization (Iran), Head of Seafarers Standards of Training Directorate Capt. N. Alipour (2016);
  • I.R. of Iran Ministry of Roads & Urban Development Ports & Maritime Organization, Seafarers Affairs and International Specialized Agencies General Director Ali Akbar Marzban       (2016);
  • Intercargo International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners (London, United Kingdom), Intercargo Manager David Jones – (2016);
  • Deniz Haber Ajansi (Turkey), Editor in Chief Recep Canpolat (2017);
  • Horacio Guillermo Vazquez Rivarola, representative of Manuel Belgrano National Nautical School (Argentina), Director of Maritime Museum (book presentation, 2017);
  • Farad Fawzi, deep-sea master, training manager of crewing company -Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd., Vladimer Shelia, Director of Batumi Representation of the same company; George Kikvidze, deep-sea master, training manager (2017);
  • Delegation of Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding (Ukraine, Nikolayev): representatives and dean, Prof. O. Rizhkov (2017);
  • Traditional gala reception dedicated to the International Day of the Seafarers held in BNTU (24.06.2017, attended by honorary guests: Frederic Kane, Director of Administration of Legal and Foreign Relationships of International Maritime Organization, US Coast Guard Admiral; Lino Vassallo, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Malta in the International Maritime Organization; Felicity Attard, LL.D, Institute of International Maritime Law; Vasileios Terzis, the owner and General Manager of Queensway, and representatives of the same company –Konstantinos Terzis and Evangeleos Kalianos; Recep Jambulat, editor of maritime newspaper Deniz Haber; Tamar Beruchashvili, Georgia Ambassador to United Kingdom, permanent representative of Georgia in International Maritime Organization (2017);
  • International III Research-to-Practice Conference held in BNTU, dedicated to the International Day of Seafarers - Current marine technologies, social and economic development problems and ways of their solution (24.06.2017), among participants of which were the following persons: Prof. O. Gryshnova, Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University; Prof. I. Kalenyuk, Kyiv Vadym Hetman National Economic University; Prof. G. Kuzmenko, Technological University of Central Ukraine; S. Rizhkov, Rector of Nikolayev Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding; S. Shkarlet, Rector of Chernigov National Technological University, Zahid Sharifov, Prorector of Azerbaijan State Marine Academy; as well as, representatives of LEPL Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, LEPL Batumi Art Teaching University, LEPL Georgian Technical University, LEPL Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University, Teaching and Training Center -Anri Ltd.;  
  • Prof. G. Kuzmenko, Academic A. Bugai International Scientific-Technical University (Kiev, Ukraine) (2018).

BNTU Partners

Higher Education Institutions

  • Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding (Ukraine, Nikolayev);
  • NorthEast Maritine Institute (Massachusetts, USA);
  • Latvian Transport and Communication Institute (Riga, Latvia);
  • Chernigov National Technological University (Chernigov, Ukraine);
  • Academic Society of Michal Baludansky (Kosice, Slovakia);
  • Turkish Black Sea Technical University (Trabzon, Turkey);
  • Baku State Maritime Academy (Baku, Azerbaijan);
  • Kiev State Maritime Transport Academy (Kiev, Ukraine);
  • International Academy of Marine Sciences, Technologies and Innovations of Ukraine (Nikolayev, Ukraine);
  • Warsaw Management University (Warsaw, Poland);
  • Security Management University (Kosice, Slovakia);
  • Kosice Technological University (Kosice, Slovakia);
  • Technological University of Czech Republic in Prague (Prague, Czech Republic);
  • Piri Reis Maritime University (Istanbul, Turkey);


BNTU partners - Field organizations

  • “Poseidon”;
  • “Iberia Navigation +”;
  • “Fregat”;
  • “Elseri”;
  • “Internatonal Maritime Group”;
  • “Baltic Group International, Georgia”;
  • “Eurostar Marine”;
  • “Aries”;
  • “NONAT XXI”;
  • Gza Ltd;
  • BMS Georgia Ltd.;
  • BATOS SHIPPING LTD (Agency, forwarding company);
  • INFLOT BATUMI LTD (Agency, forwarding company);
  • TERO MARITIME AGENCY LTD (Agency, forwarding company);
  • Cargo Trans Group Ltd.;
  • Geo Trans Group Ltd. (Shipping company);
  • Batumi Rail Group Ltd.;
  • MRG Limited Ltd.

Sagitarius Ltd. – Medical Center for mariners, where BNTU prospective students, students, vocational students, alumni etc. may get medical check-up. With the support of this center BNTU carries out social security programmes

Non-entrepreneurial (Non-commercial) Legal Entity National Institute of Economic Research, partnership with which will promote implementation of joint programmes and involvement of BNTU academic staff and students in research activity

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