• Humanism, tolerance and equality
  • Liberty of speech, freedom of expression and decision making;
  • Fairness, transparency and publicity of decisions
  • Academic freedom, responsibility and integrity


Mission of Batumi Navigation Teaching University Ltd. is an answer of its founders, students, master’s students, vocational students and staff on the questions “Who we are? What and for whom we are doing?” and reflects their view on main objectives and priorities of BNTU.

„Batumi Navigation Teaching University is an open social and education system, which on the basis of institutional freedom principles is aimed at the following:

  • Compliance with International Quality Standards, integration into international space and support of social, economic and cultural development of the region;
  • Provision of equal conditions to receive education in discrimination-free, democratic and fair environment, support of realization of personal interests and potential, creation of the most preferable conditions for cultural, intellectual and personal development;
  • Creation of safe and comfortable physical, social–emotional and cognitive environment oriented to each member of BNTU community;
  • Development of modern infrastructure;
  • Implementation of educand support policy;
  • Carrying out of educational activity (Bachelor’s, Master’s and vocational educational programmes; training/retraining and professional development training-courses) in accordance with the Law of Georgia in the priority area of education –transportation (especially in marine field), its operation and service, administration, management etc., as well as in the areas corresponding to the public requirements and needs;
  • High level of research component in the field of transportation (especially in marine field);
  • Training of competitive experts with state-of-the-art knowledge and effective practical skills in Georgia’s and internationaleducation and labor markets, formation of motivation of fulfillment of personal, social and civil responsibilities, professional liabilities, observance of ethical standards, sharing of universal values, personal and professional development;
  • Obtaining image of leader in maritime education field internationally, in particular, Black Sea and Caucasus region;
  • Support of principles of continuous education, life-long learning and academic freedom.

Corporate strategy

“Uninterrupted business activity, sustainable development”.


BNTU in 2025 – Competitive higher education institution, integrated in international education, industry and scientific space, meeting international standards, work and study in which is equally prestigious. At the same time, BNTU is a reliable partner for educational, scientific and field organizations, which has popular brand recognized in European educational and industry field.


Main goals of Batumi Navigation Teaching University based on its mission:

  • provision of opportunities to obtain future-focused education, corresponding to current research and practice trends and innovations;
  • Training of competitive experts;
  • Formation of motivation of continuing education and life-long learning and promotion of development of their potential;
  • Integration into international educational, research, industry areas;
  • Becoming active member of the region’s social life.

For the period of 2019-2025, the following goals are still important for Batumi Navigation Teaching University:

  • Support of continuing education and life-long learning principles;
  • Satisfaction of requirements for obtaining education corresponding to a person’s interests and possibilities, competence development and retraining;
  • Focus on ideals of democracy and humanism, which is required for existence and development of civil society;
  • Academic freedom of teaching, learning and research;
  • Cooperation with Georgian and foreign higher educational and research institutions;
  • Cooperation with Georgian and foreign higher educational institutions for the purpose of supporting exchange programs of students and professors and mobility of students and academic staff of higher educational institutions;
  • Provision of complex of measures relating to the training of competitive experts in the field of maritime transport, logistics and other, in accordance with the Laws of Georgia On Higher Education, On Vocational Education, On Training and Certification of Mariners, International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW-95) and other Georgian and international standards;
  • Offering of modern, academic higher (I and II stage) and vocational educational programs corresponding to the requirements and priorities of Georgian and international labor markets and of society, and provision of possibilities for obtaining high-quality education;
  • support of realization of personal potential, development of creative skills, self-realization, initiatives and life-long learning motivation of students/vocational students;
  • Training of new generation of competitive experts with state-of-the-art knowledge, with competencies corresponding to the current requirements and required for successful public and professional activity in local and international educational and labor market.

Key tasks

  • Enhancement of educational activity, elaboration and implementation of currently important programmes (vocational and higher educational programmes, training and retraining courses, etc.);
  • Assurance of quality of managerial, educational and scientific activities;
  • Development of BNTU common information area;
  • Maintenance of stability of BNTU staff, development of potential;
  • Creation and development of educand-oriented environment;
  • Proper planning of processes, introduction of changes and innovations;
  • Development of potential of BNTU educands and staff; development of BNTU infrastructure;
  • Creation of educand-oriented environment, support of research, cultural, cognitive, creative development;
  • Transformation of education content in compliance with the requirements of labor and education markets;
  • Promotion of staff working, professional advancement and self-development motivation;
  • Creation of state-of-the-art infrastructure and material and technical resources;
  • Improvement of information and communication systems, provision of remote access to e-resources;
  • Introduction of modern methods of control of management and teaching quality;
  • Establishment, enhancement and effective usage of partnership relations;
  • Carrying out of educational activity and formation of student-oriented environment;
  • Support of staff professional advancement and provision of academic freedom;
  • Application of modern methods of control of management and teaching quality;
  • Active involvement in region’s life and integration into international space;
  • Integration of BNTU into international educational, research and industry areas and international recognition, formation of image of competitive and reliable partner in local and international space.

For the period of 2019-2025, the following tasks are still important for Batumi Navigation Teaching University:

  • Provision of compliance of education quality with the requirements of Law of Georgia effective in the field of education and of International Standard ISO 9001:2015;
  • Development and implementation of high-quality educational programmes focused on the requirements of the public, labor and education markets, their continuous updating and involvement of field experts, scientists, potential employers, BNTU alumni and other concerned persons in this process;
  • Provision of educational programs with corresponding modern material and technical resources and information and communication technologies, carrying on sound educational process and creation of conditions corresponding to the current requirements;
  • Attraction of high-qualified staff and their involvement in educational and research processes;
  • Development and improvement of educational programme and education process monitoring , teaching and learning quality management systems;
  • Involvement of students/vocational students, academic staff, teachers/invited experts into the monitoring process for the purpose of provision of education quality and assessment of implementation of educational programme, and continuous improvement of teaching quality;
  • Improvement of teaching university structure and functions of structural units, and optimization of managerial decisions;
  • Improvement of working conditions and material motivation system for the employees;
  • Involvement of academic staff and students/vocational students in BNTU management process;
  • Creation of adapted environment and corresponding conditions for students with special educational needs;
  • Support of students/vocational students, their interests and satisfaction, development of skills, creative and intellectual activity, their active involvement in educational and research processes, arrangement of conferences, trainings, workshops etc.;
  • Preparation, translation and publication of textbooks, scientific papers and methodological materials for the purpose of availability of current trends in science and practice;
  • Establishment of close relationships with various enterprises, firms and organizations, scientists and field experts for the purpose of better preparation for practice, development of practical skills of students/vocational students and organization and implementation of internship to get experience;
  • Establishment of relationships with BNTU alumni and their involvement in University life etc.;
  • Carrying out of activity in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Georgia, STCW-95, and other International Conventions. Development of qualitative parameters of the service of education, simulator training/retraining of marine specialists;
  • Assistance in implementation of high management standards to partners and service sustomers for the purpose of training and certification of marine transport experts;
  • Maintenance and development of business relationships with leading maritime education institutions and global navigation and crewing companies.

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