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Results of monitoring of student performance 2017–18

Results of student survey and their analysis 2017-18

Research projects 2017-18

Staff satisfaction survey 2017-18

Results of staff survey and their analysis 2017-18


Alumni satisfaction analysis, employment rate, academic development

Information on research activity of BNTU academic and research staff

Batumi Navigation Teaching University Development Strategic Plan 2013-2018

Analysis of requirements of labor market and employers 2013-18

Internal Audit Plan -2016

Internal Audit Plan-2017

Internal Audit Plan-2018

Report on Quality Management System analysis -2016

Report on Quality Management System Analysis of 2017

SWOT analysis  2016-2017

Report on Quality System Anaysis 2013

Report on Quality System Analysis 2015

Batumi Navigation Teaching University ltd 2016

Alumni Satisfaction Analysis, Employment Figures, Academic Growth

Employment Figures Higher Educational Programmes (2013-2018)

Summarized Analysis of Quality Assurance Service of Education of 2013-2018 in Batumi Navigation Teaching University

Examination of employer’s opinions Summary analysis (2013-2018)

Report of Quality Assurance Service-2016-2017

Survey of employers (summarizing report_2013-2017)

Survey of alumni (summarizing report_2013-2017)

Summarizing reportand recommendations-2016-2017

Statistical data

Survey of employers

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