About Service

Internationalization of education is one of the strategic priorities of the Batumi Navigation Teaching University. The University recognizes the demands of the education market and supports the enhancement of international experience in educational programs, including mobility of students and academic staff, joint educational programs and international collaboration in the implementation of research projects.

The BNTU International Relations Service represents a structural unit whose main function is to enchance international relations, promote internationalization of the BNTUactivities, and integrate the BNTU into international educational, scientific and sectoral activities and promote them.

International Cooperation Program of Teaching University

Goal: Integration into international scientific and educational space; exchanging of information with foreign partners and formation of stable education system in BNTU by means of sharing of their experience.

Expected Results: Involvement of BNTU in international educational space; formation of continuing education system in BNTU and carrying out of educational taking into consideration of global trends and innovative approaches.

Provision of Program Realization: Financial, human, material and technical resources.

Scientific Activities - Development of International Scientific Cooperation

Development of scientific activities means the following: strengthening of cooperation with field organizations, international research and educational institutions and effective usage of opportunities; staff research activity in priority areas (participation in research and field conferences, projects etc.; publication of works in scientific peer-reviewed magazines; publication of scientific papers). Promotion of staff scientific activities; support of activity of students (preparation of students for the participation in conferences, provision of assistance in preparation of theses etc.). The following are of high priority in international scientific cooperation: involvement of BNTU academic staff in international scientific conferences, workshops, etc., participation in joint projects/programs, increase in number of publications in international peer-reviewed magazines, implementation of joint projects with the representatives of foreign partner institutions and provision of possibilities for their commercialization, increase in number of international research events in BNTU (conferences, forums etc.), creation of image of respectable partner of BNTU in international scientific space.

Regionalization and Internationalization

BNTU activity is realized toward regionalization and internationalization:

  • BNTU regionalization implies carrying out of educational activity corresponding to the expectations and requirements of country and region population, cooperation with country and region business-organizations, field organizations, research centers and education institutions, public and region’s governmental agencies, involvement in region’s social, cultural and other activities, promotion of region’s social and economic and cultural development;
  •  BNTU internationalization implies integration into international educational, research and industry space, including compliance of BNTU educational programmes with international standards and harmonization with the programmes of foreign partner-institutions, implementation of exchange programs, involvement of foreign students in education process, invitation of experts for the purpose of involvement in education process, conduction of trainings in BNTU, sharing stateoftheart knowledge and best practice, international internships, involvement of BNTU academic staff in international research activity etc.
  •  BNTU considers internationalization one of the mechanisms of promotion of academic staff research activity - integration of BNTU into international educational and research space makes possible participation of academic staff in scientific conferences conducted in BNTU by /with the participation of partner-institutions, involvement in international programmes/projects,sharing modern approaches etc.