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For training exercises and navigation practice BNTU holds training ship Elite with 30m2 training area, 100t cargo carriage capacity, 200t deadweight, 24m length, 7m width, which sails under the flag of Georgia. The ship is equipped with up-to-date navigational instruments and devices.

Ship Elite is equipped with training rooms, tables, visual materials and tools, and training programs. Training exercises are conducted by ship’s captain and ship's engineer. They carry out strict control on attendance.

Special attention on shipboard is paid to the training - “Provision of life safety oh shipboard”:

  1. "Personal survival methods”;
  2. "Fire prevention and firefighting";
  3. "Medical first aid ";
  4. "Management of rescue equipment ";
  5. "Personal safety and social responsibility ".

Upon completion of course, instructors of practical and theoretical trainings give references and recommendations about each course participant, which is the basis for issuance of order for admittance at state qualifying examination.


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